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Mr. Ciko

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am excited to be working with all of you. I will be using Google Classroom to push out our daily assignments and information. I will also be using the attached calendars (below) to keep a general record the day's events. Please look at these sites for information and contact me with any questions.
Mr. Ciko
6th Grade Science/8th Grade Science


In 6th and 8th Grade, students will be using Amplify Science as they strive to master the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Through active engagement and critical thinking, our aim is to teach students to think like scientists and engineers and grapple with core scientific principles, in addition to supporting deep learning of concepts that cut across science domains.  In each unit, students conduct investigations and gather evidence in order to support claims to a particular scientific phenomenon.  



  • Microbiomes
  • Metabolism
  • Metabolism Engineering Internship
  • Traits and Reproduction
  • Thermal Energy
  • Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate
  • Weather Patterns
  • Earth's Changing Climate
  • Earth's Changing Climate Engineering Internship



  • Harnessing Human Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Force and Motion Engineering Internship
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Light Waves
  • Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • Natural Selection
  • Natural Selection Engineering Internship
  • Evolutionary History




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Click on: Digital Learning

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*Only registered students with valid school emails will have access.


Supplemental Labs, Videos, and Assignments

Google Classroom and Seesaw

*Codes available upon request 



As Carl Sandburg Middle School transitions towards a standard based grade, all daily assignments will be recorded as practice and only tests and projects will be recorded as achievement grades. Please read below for more detail.


Achievement Grades

Student achievement will be measured by student performance on end of the unit tests and projects.  Performance tasks on tests and projects will be aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Student grades will be based on the students’ raw score on these tests and projects.  For each achievement grade, the scale will be as follows:

A 100% - 90%

B 89%- 80%

C 79%-70%

D 69%-60%

F 59% and below


Test Study Guides

Unit assessments are based on concepts learned throughout the unit.  These key concepts are posted on our Google Classroom.  Additionally, students are expected to keep a daily notebook.  The daily notebook will include vocabulary, worksheets, models/diagrams, lab work and daily objectives.  This notebook can be used during each final unit assessment.  Together, the key concepts and supplemental information found on the Google Classroom and the notebook shall serve as the study guide to tests.  Students are also encouraged to review the lessons found in our online textbook. 


Unit Assessment Retakes 

Students have the opportunity to retake any test up to one additional time.  In order to retake a unit assessment, students must attend a study session that is typically offered during lunch or after school.  All test retakes must be completed no more than two weeks following the original test date.  


Homework and in-class activities

Homework and in-class activities will be reported in the PowerSchool gradebook under the category of Practice, marked with an “S” (Satisfactory) or an “M” (Missing).


Work will be scored with an “S” when:

  • the student has completed the entire task or assignment
  • the task or assignment was done with integrity of effort

Work will be scored with an “M” when:

  • the task or assignment is missing or was left incomplete
  • the task or assignment was not done with integrity of effort
  • the task or assignment was done incorrectly


Students may complete missing practice assignments up to the time of the unit test or chapter quiz. Students must complete the Missing Work Form found on our Google Classroom. The Missing Work Form must be completed regardless if the work is shown to or turned into the teacher. All work will be updated on the Wednesday the Google Form is completed.


Calendar of Events

Daily assignments and upcoming tests are posted on the links below:

6th Grade Calendar: 6th Grade Science Calendar

8th Grade Calendar: 8th Grade Science Calendar


Parent Tutorials For Using Various District Websites and Online Textbooks