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Behavior Expectations

Behavior Management Program (Policy 7:190)

The behavior management program is designed to discourage inappropriate behavior through consequences that are implemented fairly and consistently.  This program is building wide and expectations for behavior are consistent across all settings; classrooms, cafeteria, hallways, school grounds, and extracurricular school activities.  The natural variations in situations requires some flexibility in determining exact consequences, and it is understood that the consideration of individual situations is not inconsistent, but an attempt to treat individuals as individuals.  In addition to consequences for inappropriate behaviors, it is our practice to also recognize students for their positive records as outstanding citizens of Carl Sandburg.


  1. Carl Sandburg Middle School’s discipline rules are designed to protect the rights of all Sandburg citizens, both students and staff.  These rights are:
    1. The right to an education; teachers are free to teach and students are free to learn without being interrupted by inconsiderate or unruly behavior.
    2. The right of property; the right to have our personal and school property taken care of and treated with respect.
    3. The right of safety; freedom from physical or mental abuse or harassment such as name calling, intimidation, or ridicule
    4. The right to be one’s own person; freedom from being treated differently because of race, sex, beliefs, physical appearance or abilities, clothes, or money.

 II. Because of these rights, all of Sandburg school follows these few rules:

    1. Be on time and prepared to learn.
    2. Respect the body, property, and safety of others.
    3. Follow directions the first time asked.
    4. Treat others (students, faculty, and staff) in a respectful manner
    5. Participate without disrupting the learning of others.

For a detailed explanation of all discipline and student management procedures, click on the Discipline and Student Management PDF near the bottom of this section.